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I love the amazing Las Vegas nitelife. I love heading to the casinos. I love seeing the beautiful women on stage at the strip clubs, performing and dancing. I love being pulled on stage to have some naughty fun with the strippers. With all of these beautiful Las Vegas girls around you, I want to make sure you love the nightlife as much as me. So, what do you say, give me a phone call and I can show you the world of Sin City.

When was the last time you felt like you got anything like this from a woman, whether you were at home or away? If that kind of situation sounds a little too good to be true, maybe it is. That's why we feel that we stand head and shoulders above the other escort services. Our ladies are something different who will treat you like something very different, like a NURU massage Las Vegas. Las Vegas NURU massage by a one of the gorgeous Las Vegas escorts is something totally new that everyone needs to experience to believe.

My name is Martina. As the name suggest I am very lovely person. I love my job and love spending my time with discerning men like you and I assure you that you will have unforgettable and great time in my arms. I used to work part time in Texas with the escorts in Houston and I fell in love with the work. So I perfected my work and body and moved to Vegas. Taking about personal features in have big fat ass which make my co-escort ladies envy at me. My wonderful, soft tits will surely blow you away. Choose me as your Las Vegas escort and you will get nothing but only the best. My class and style will make you feel like a king.

I specialize in providing entertainment to the gentlemen in Las Vegas. I was born to please and I do it well. When you have me as your escort, I tailor my services to suit you. I believe each one of us is unique and deserves service that speaks to him or her. That is easily seen in my service. To achieve this, I like to spend a few minutes getting to know you. Once I know you or at least have an idea, I am able to customize my services to suit your tastes and preferences. Most of the time I do not need you to tell me. I know. But you are always free to tell me what you want. It is your choice. You can let me surprise you or you can go straight to the point and tell me what you would like to enjoy.

My experience in the Las Vegas entertainment industry is not restricted to my escort experience. I have also worked as a stripper at Treasures where I gained valuable experience. I have always loved to dance and have always been good at it. But at Treasures, I learnt how to pole dance and strip tease. By the time I was learning, I was a favorite of many. I decided to become a fulltime escort because it had more flexibility and I had enough time to please my clients. There are lots of people who do not want to enjoy the services of a stripper in public. When I escort them, they get to enjoy it all from me in the comfort of their home or office. If you are one of them, contact me and I will provide you premium escort/stripper services. Las Vegas escorts worth their salt know that they must be confidential. Whatever happens between you and I is confidential and will remain so. No one will ever know. Because I ‘m easy to relate to and easy to have a conversation with, I get to learn of people’s secrets. But I never betray their trust. Anything told to me in confidence is treated as such.

If you have the right company, having fun will be a breeze. In Las Vegas, there is no better company than the one escorts provide. As one of the best escorts in Las Vegas, I know all about the city. The pool parties are always amazing and have great crowds and entertainers. If you want to have fun round the clock, Las Vegas is your best bet. During the day you can have fun at pool parties and depending on where you are, you can use mobile gaming devices to enjoy a bet or two. At night the party scene is like no other with clubs like Marquee, which is one of my favorite clubs in Las Vegas. The animated statues at Caesar’s Palace are always a great site. And if you are scuba certified, you can go to shark reef, be let in the tank and swim with real life sharks. Nothing will make you feel an on edge thrill. There is no shortage of great things to do in Las Vegas. It all depends on what you want to do. It is only time which will limit you. Otherwise you will experience many things and leave having not experienced even ¼ of them. But like many Las Vegas visitors, you can make it a point to come again and enjoy more. When I am your escort, I will not rush you. You will enjoy a complete GFE experience.

Adventure is my second name. I like coming up with different fun ways to have fun. I love finding out the different ways in which people from cultures all around the world have fun. I pick the best and put them to good use. You will enjoy the wide variety I know of. I am a time conscious escort and I will be with you in no time when you call me. I do not like to keep you waiting. Any escort worth her salt will not. All I need to know is how much time you have and I will work with it to make sure it is the best time you have had in a while. When it comes to dressing, you will love everything you will see. I love shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. I love fashion and enjoy looking glamorous for you. You will itch to take me somewhere even if you were planning to stay indoors. How I dress is dependent on where we want us to go. Even if we are remaining indoors, I will wear sexily and make you lick your lips. However, it is not just my great sense of dress that will make you lick your lips. Some of the finest restaurants in the world are right here in Las Vegas. And with this, you will not have a problem finding whatever kind of food you may wish to have. All the fun and merry making in Las Vegas cannot be possible on an empty stomach.

My effect is not only in men. Women have hit on me many times too. I usually take it all as a complement. I never really mind the complements. However, I am one of the few Las Vegas escorts who only escort men. I love how escorting a man makes me feel. I love how they look at me with a longing desire or admiringly whenever I am teasing them. If you are looking for Las Vegas escorts, your search ends here. All your needs will be met and exceeded here. I am looking forward to having fun with you in Las Vegas. My number is 702-297-5227.

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